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anthony baldwin anthony.baldwin01 at
Tue Nov 20 21:33:29 UTC 2007

Thilo Six wrote:
> anthony baldwin wrote the following on 20.11.2007 17:24
>> Amigos,
>> I know I can set a default language for T-bird, but, I write in
>> 4 different languages (EN, ES, FR, PT).
>> Now, for instance, in OpenOffice, I can highlight text, rt-clik,
>> and choose another language, so spellcheck is set for the appropriate, 
>> language,
>> etc.
>> Is there a way to do this in T-bird?
> gnome menu > system settings > Language support
> (currently not in gnome, so the above is from my head)
> install the languages you need/use.
> then close and reopen TB.
> their should be grammar check button in the TB compose window, if not be
> default right-click on the icon pane and drack&drop it to there.
> then with this you can change the spell checking on the fly within TB.

Oh yeah, I already had all the languages installed, but,
I didn´t even think to check the actual spellcheck button...
Who´d have thought it would be so simple, eh?

Thanks mucho!


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