Wireless Question

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Tue Nov 20 20:33:14 UTC 2007

User Iam wrote:
> Setting up my wireless....
> Have a couple of questions...
> What I am doing is connecting two machines via wireless...
> MY DSL comes in on my Cisco DSL box..
> I want to connect my computer in the other room to this computer...
> I bought two G routers...
> Have connected one G router to my Cisco DSL box..
> And the other G router to my remote < 10 feet away> computer...
> < I could have ran a cable but, wanted the G experience>
> My Question...
> I couldn't web configure either box until I changed my IP on the
> configuring box..
> In other words..
> ON the box connected to the Cisco DSL router... My browser would not
> go there till I changed my IP to  < the web config
> interface on    G box is
> On the remote box I have to change ip to <web interface
> on d-link g box is>
> I had been using <still am > the 10.x.x.x on all my boxes.. with gate
> way of
> Why did I have to change ips on box to browse G boxes..???????

Because the router has a default setting which assigns it one of the 
private networks 192.168.x.0 (the value if x depends on the router type). 
The router usually gets the *.1 address. See the manual for the default 
network or set your machine to use DHCP on the interface where you want 
to setup the router.

If you have a real router it will allow you to change the network to your 
preferred range, but if you have something like the brain dead 
thing I got with my DSL you are bound to the 192.168.x.y networks.

Anyway, you should change both routers to work in the same network if they 
are supposed to talk to each other (and they should have different IP 
addresses - but you probably know that already). If you are using DHCP on 
your network already, make sure that only one DHCP server exists. Usually 
the routers have DHCP enabled by default.

> I have both boxes set to channel 6...  No password..  They don't see
> each other....
> Or I can't ping form one box to the other.... So I assume they can't
> see each other..

Here is another trap: If both routers are configured as Access Point (that 
is the default configuration) they will not talk to each other via 
wireless. You should set one of them as client or repeater. However, 
AFAIK repeater mode can only work if you don't use WPA/WPA2 encryption. 
I.e. if you can't setup one of the routers as client, you have a more or 
less open access point - I don't know if that is what you want. Remember: 
WEP is not encryption but a joke.


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