Wireless Question

User Iam vramnum10 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 18:52:41 UTC 2007


Setting up my wireless....

Have a couple of questions...

What I am doing is connecting two machines via wireless...

MY DSL comes in on my Cisco DSL box..

I want to connect my computer in the other room to this computer...

I bought two G routers...

Have connected one G router to my Cisco DSL box..

And the other G router to my remote < 10 feet away> computer...

< I could have ran a cable but, wanted the G experience>

My Question...

I couldn't web configure either box until I changed my IP on the
configuring box..

In other words..

ON the box connected to the Cisco DSL router... My browser would not
go there till I changed my IP to  < the web config
interface on    G box is

On the remote box I have to change ip to <web interface
on d-link g box is>

I had been using <still am > the 10.x.x.x on all my boxes.. with gate
way of

Why did I have to change ips on box to browse G boxes..???????

I have both boxes set to channel 6...  No password..  They don't see
each other....

Or I can't ping form one box to the other.... So I assume they can't
see each other..

<I have changed the IP back to 10.x.x.x.


User Iam

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