MetaData / Audio Files Problems (Bug?)

Richard cms0009 at
Tue Nov 20 05:13:01 UTC 2007

7.10 gusty,(kubuntu) there seems to be something odd, 
or a setting is not turn on.

First--> when dragging a .flac file to the desktop it will display its 
meta-data ( NO Problem ) However, it will not play (in preview mode) when 
holding the mouse over the .flac. (BUT) put the .flac inside a folder,
on the desktop it plays and shows all metadata. ( Very ODD)

Why doesn't it play on the desktop ?

Second--> Have a external usb drive, that is mounted and contain .mp3,
.flac files, photos, and docs...and .pdf..etc (a backup drive).

Now, on that drive, when moving the mouse around and selecting,
a .pdf or doc, or photo The Metadata displays in a pop up windows,
just like it should... (However)... when select any .mp3 or flac, (audio)
the metadata Doesn't display at all, BUT, the music does play in preview mode.

I thought I saw a very quick flash of a pop window but.. it would not repeat,
for any audio file.

Is there a setting or is there a conflit going on somewhere on with
the playing of audio files on the desktop, and also, metadata being display 
for audio files on a external usb drive ?

** Please note: Never had this problem in feisty 7.04 **
** Please note: have all preview setting on, with 50 meg preview file size **


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