firestarter and ESP and NORTEL Contivity

Noah admin2 at
Mon Nov 19 21:54:18 UTC 2007

Hi there

I am having difficulty getting IPSEC traffic past the firestarter
firewall with NORTEL Contivity. Looks like the login works and wireshark
is showing ESP packets incoming from the NORTEL and that is where the
negotiation stops.  ESP is protocol type 50 - is there anywhere to
define the acceptance of the protocol type 50?  I cant find it.

I've even placed the specific host IP for the NORTEL Contivity in the
"Allow connections from host" policy and restarted the firewall and
still the NORTEL traffic does not make it through.  When I stop the
firewall the client attaches to the NORTEL fine.

What is a suggested fixture please?



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