Thunderbird won't show headers

Thilo Six T.Six at
Mon Nov 19 20:27:38 UTC 2007

David Vincent wrote the following on 19.11.2007 01:16
> Hi Folks.
> Anyone else out there have this problem?  I've noticed after my upgrade 
> to Gutsy (and Thunderbird 2.0) that Thunderbird no longer shows headers 
> for any of my mail - either in the preview pane or in the message pane. 
>   Toggling them on/off does nothing and I've been unable to find 
> anything else in Google as of yet.
> Thanks in advance.
> -d

in past when then the mozilla UI was borked like this a file in the profile
called "compreg.dat" was to blame.

So i suggest to close all TB windows and remove that and try again.
Do not worry, this file will be recreated during next TB startup (basically
it´s a cachefile of some sort).

XUL.mfasl xpti.dat XPC.mfasl
are candidates of that sort (same procedure).


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