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On Nov 19, 2007 9:39 AM, Steven Martin <drumsandwires at> wrote:

> All,
> I am really close to turning Ubuntu into an operating
> system that does everything that I need...except for
> one really important thing.  I frequently stream audio
> over the internet.  I have two different applications
> that both work RealPlayer and MPlayer, however neither
> of them pick up my USB port that I connect to my
> amplifier.  When I test my speakers trough SYSTEM ->
> Preferences -> Sound, Ubuntu plays test sounds to my
> amplifier just fine.  But not any of the applications
> that I will make my USB connection useful!!!
> Urggggghhhhhh.
> Help please.

The question to be asked is : what sound server do you use?

Because, I recommand pulseaudio (the default sound server for lots of other
distros). And in it's latest version, they did a screencast with just that,
an on-the-fly (after-the-fact) add of an usb  sound device plugged in, to
which it's possible to transfer already playing stream ....

I found it amazing ...

the screencast :
the website :

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