Gutsy will not recognize dvdr

James Takac p3nndrag0n at
Mon Nov 19 00:14:30 UTC 2007

On Sunday 18 November 2007 12:46:35 Ed Miller wrote:
> NoOp wrote:
> > On 11/17/2007 04:37 PM, Ed Miller wrote:
> >>   *-cdrom
> >>        description: DVD writer
> >>        product: DVD Writer 740e
> >>        vendor: HP
> >>        physical id: 0.0.0
> >>        bus info: scsi at 1:0.0.0
> >>        logical name: /dev/cdrom1
> >>        logical name: /dev/dvd1
> >>        logical name: /dev/scd0
> >>        logical name: /dev/sr0
> >>        version: 42FF
> >>        serial: [HP      DVD Writer 740e 42FF05/07/26CNMD3905
> >>        capabilities: removable audio cd-r cd-rw dvd dvd-r
> >>        configuration: status=ready
> >>      *-disc
> >>           physical id: 0
> >>           logical name: /dev/cdrom1
> >> I will wait until you reply, if someone else is having this problem this
> >> could result in a fix. By the way, removing the quiet splash entry from
> >> menu.lst made startup much faster.
> >>
> >> Ed
> >
> > It's a USB drive, it's available on /dev/cdrom1 & responding properly.
> >
> > You can create a mount point for it in fstab. Check to see if you have a
> > /media/cdrom1 via Nautilus.
> This is the problem, that one is the usb drive which will not work
> either. There is another cdrom in the list which is my internel dvd
> which is /dev/hdc but it will not read the media no matter what i use. I
> can reboot the lap-top and it will load the live ubuntu but when i
> reboot without the live cd, ubuntu will not recognize the drive. For now
> I am without cdrom support for either drive as ubuntu will not read
> either one. I read somewhere that this is an issue with Gutsy because
> the piix driver has been deprecated. It can be resolved if I can find
> that driver and install it into the ide folder i would think.
> Ed

Hi Ed

Just had a thought. Does the live cd detect that drive when it's running? If 
so, may be worth while looking at how it's mapping/allocating the drives and 
you might see what driver is in use at that point as well. Maybe will give 
some ideas, maybe not.


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