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Sun Nov 18 23:08:24 UTC 2007

João Santos spake thusly :
> Hello
> I hope send email to right persons.
> I just want to give you and idea to Ubuntu.
> When we are using nautilus, i think its very important to put the righ
> button menu when click on a file, the option Send To (Local drives)
> example:
> file -> send to -> flash drive, sda3, cdrom, etc
> PS: please reply me just to know if this was th right place to put this

A better list to make such a request is one where the developers will
see it.

	ubuntu-devel-discuss at

However, the proper way to make such a request is to file a bug report  and mark it sas "wishlist".

Lastly you can also submit your idea to the "Idea Pool"

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