keyboard remapping + installing DVD software

Robert Alcock ralcock at
Sun Nov 18 09:44:55 UTC 2007

OK, now it's working... sort of.
I checked off these items on the Software Sources menu, but the command 
gave me an error message "no such command".
However, once the items were checked off,  the gstreamer codecs loaded 
fine, and I was able to play the DVD... except for two problems:

1 - no sound. Actually, now I think about it, there is no sound at all 
on the computer (doesn't make a difference if I use earphones, etc.). 
Maybe Ubuntu hasn't recognised the sound card?

2 - DVD menus don't work... it only plays the first chapter on the DVD.

any ideas?

thanks very much!

> Actually, I don't think installing all the gstreamer codecs will help
> with DVD playback... what you'll have to do is first go to
> System>Administration>Software Sources and make sure you've got main,
> universe, rsetricted, and multiverse checked off. Then, run the command
> < sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/ >
> On Sat, 2007-11-17 at 17:32 +0100, Jensen Somers wrote:
>> Hello,
>> On Nov 17, 2007 5:06 PM, Robert Alcock <ralcock at> wrote:
>>> hi
>>> I'm a new user of Ubuntu - just installed version 7.10 on my old Sharp
>>> laptop. So far so good, but I'd very much appreciate it if anyone could
>>> help me out with a couple of problems I've encountered...
>>> 1. The "w" key on my keyboard has died (wouldn't you know it?) and
>>> rather than get a new keyboard, I thought I'd try and remap one of the
>>> lesser used keys, like the ` key (I never use it) to be a "w" instead.
>>> Has anyone got any idea how, or even if, this can be done in Ubuntu?
>> Can't really help you with that one, sorry.
>>> 2. I've tried playing DVDs on the laptop. It comes up with a dialog box
>>> called "install multimedia codecs" where it asks me to tick a box called
>>> "GStreamer extra plugins". When I tick it asks me to "confirm
>>> installation of restricted software" which I do (local law permits this)
>>> but then it says "The list of application s is not available - Click on
>>> 'Reload' to reload it". When I click, it takes me right back to where I
>>> started. What should I do?
>> Another option would be to install those via the Add/Remove utility.
>> Select it from the Applications menu. In the right-top corner you have
>> a drop-down list. Select "All available applications" and choose
>> Sound/Video from the left menu. Scroll down until you encounter
>> GStreamer en check all the GStreamer related packages. Click "Apply
>> Changes" to install them and you should be able to play DVD's and most
>> other media formats.
>>> Many thanks
>>> Robert
>> - Jensen
>>> --

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