Gutsy will not recognize dvdr

James Takac p3nndrag0n at
Sat Nov 17 21:57:58 UTC 2007

On Sunday 18 November 2007 07:34:01 Ed Miller wrote:
> I reinstalled gutsy to make using my extra hard drive easier. I used my
> dvd to install it. Now I am trying to use the dvd player to install
> build-essentials but can't get Gutsy to recognize the dvd. It's not just
> that dvd, it is any disc i put in the drive. I have also tried to get it
> to recognize my external drive to no avail. Both of these drives worked
> flawlessly with the old install. Any suggestions?
> Ed

Hi Ed

Do you per chance no the type of drive, i.e. sata or pata, maybe scsi? I had 
the same on my other laptop before and I should check to to see if I need to 
apply the workaround again as I reinstalled Gutsy fresh on it. Ok they fixed 
what was the prob for me earlier in Gutsy

I can remember having to do a 

sudo modprobe piix
sudo update-initramfs -u

then editing /etc/modules adding the piix line to make it stick

Just doing the modprobe should tell you if this is your prob as you should be 
able to read from the drive again in that session if it is


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