Gutsy on an IBM T30

David Vincent dvincent at
Sat Nov 17 02:24:12 UTC 2007

I had the pleasure of installing Gutsy on an IBM T30 laptop yesterday. 
As the live cd prophecised everything worked out of the box.

I was bit by the black-screen-no-usplash bug (ATI Mobility 7500 32mb), 
so I changed my boot options and removed the "quiet splash" items - 
bingo.  Then I saw the system was hanging when it tried to access the 
USB Wifi card.  I had to use one of those when the PCMCIA slots stopped 
working under XP - it always felt like they had been burned out or had 
an issue supplying power to the cards after the system overheated one day.

I went back to my pcmcia wifi card and to my surprise it worked flawlessly.

Then I installed the startupmanager package and used it to configure 
GRUB and my usplash screen.  I changed it to use a 1024x768 resolution 
and 16bit colour and got my usplash back - whee!

Also to my surprise the battery now lasts an hour or more when under XP 
it would only last 20mins or so (Gutsy still reported the battery was 
broken mind you, but this is an improvement).

Rock on!

I found startupmanager when I was playing with custom usplash themes and 
wanted an easy way to administer them.  Check it out after a trip to or


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