Considering updating to Gutsy Gibbon

bill purvis bil at
Thu Nov 15 15:25:42 UTC 2007

I decided today that I would upgrade to 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon), but when I
started running the upgrade script it moaned that I didn't have enough
space in /var. I had manually allocated space when I installed 7.04
and considered that just under 1Gb was more than sufficient for my
envisaged use, but it seems that the upgrade process requires well over
1Gb (on top of what I use) to do the upgrade. OK, I thought, I can get
around that - allocate a further partition, copy /var into it, tweak
/etc/fstab and reboot. No, running fdisk tells me there are no
free sectors on my hard drive, despite there being loads of free
space left when I allocated. It seems the install software only
allocates the amount I've asked for for the extended partition,
leaving the rest of the disk inaccessible. Is there any way around
And by the way - what is the program used by the install process and
can it be used on a live system (subject to the usual proviso that
I don't alter any live partitions, of course)?

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