screen wavy after upgrade to Feisty - refresh rate? can't config display in kcontrol...

anthony baldwin anthony.baldwin01 at
Thu Nov 15 13:01:51 UTC 2007

Robert Spanjaard wrote:
> On Wed, 14 Nov 2007 13:07:03 -0500, anthony baldwin wrote:
>> Oi colegas,
>> Since upgrading to Feistry from Dapper yesterday, I am noting that
>> the screen is wavy.  That's the best way I can think of to explain the 
>> phenomenon.
>> The image appears to oscillate at a rapid frequency and short wavelength.
>> I've made no changes to vidcard, etc. since dapper,
>> but I am operating at a slightly higher screen res.
>> I can't find where to alter the screen res in kcontrol (using Kubuntu, sim).
>> I can ignore it while doing lots of stuff, but, considering that I am a 
>> translator
>> and spend all day working with written text, and the text is doing this
>> (I can read fine, but), it is giving me a headache.
>> I suspect it has something to do with the refresh rate.
>> Should I be looking at than in my xconf stuff?
> What kind of screen do you have? If it's a CRT (with a tube), it can be
> caused by some other electrical device sitting close to the screen.
> I've had the same problem with a pair of speakers once, and the waving
> stopped when I removed them.
Oh yeah, I know what you mean.
It´s kind of like that, but not quite as drastic.
The oscillation is at a very short wavelength, fairly rapid frequency.
My monitor is an acer flatscreen lcd.
It wasn´t doing this while using dapper just before upgrading to feisty,
so, I assume something in feisty changed something, rather than
any environmental factor.  No environmental factors have changed.
Good guess, though.


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