DNS server syncing...

Adam McGreggor lists at amyl.org.uk
Thu Nov 15 03:12:06 UTC 2007

On Fri, Nov 09, 2007 at 01:44:58PM +0100, Blaž Repas wrote:
> I have a network setup shown in the attached *.txt file below.
> I want to sync my app web server's DNS (webapp.td domains) to Primary 
> DNS (hosting domains + synced webapp.td domains) and then this one to my 
> secondary DNS server (all domains)...
> Does anyone know of a good dns setup (maybe zone transfers or something 
> like that).

I tend to use Bind for DNS stuff, it's quite flexible, in these

> To describe my setup:
> I have a WEB server wich has it's own DNS server. I want to install 
> another DNS server any sync all domains from WEB server to sec.dns 
> server. But I also have an APP web server which has its own DNS server 
> for 1 domain and it's subdomains. Now i want to sync this one to the WEB 
> server's DNS which is later synced to my Sec. DNS server.

Either reduce the number of machines with master zones, and then
replicate would be my initial approach.


(Assuming i understand the above parag, of yours, correctly)

your WEB server --> web.example.org	# 1ry for several domains
your APP server --> app.example.org	# 1ry for domain + subs
another box 	--> ns7.example.org	# becomes secondary 
					# (nothing special about 7)

so, add web.example.org to act as a slave for app.example.org (remember
to allow transfers from/to)

and allow domain xfers to ns7.example.org from web.example.org, 
and set ns7 as a slave for all of the domains.

Then update the domains' NSes, and hope nothing's broken :) --- allow
time for DNS to propagate and as, ever, reduce your TTLs before you
start -- to speed up transfers/speedily repropagate fixes to cock-ups.

Presumably, you'll want to sort out rDNS too.

YMMV, tho'



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