Two RAID questions

IsomerX isomerx at
Thu Nov 15 00:09:37 UTC 2007

I had a bad weekend here a couple of weeks ago, when all three of my
computers went on the fritz over the course of three consecutive days.
 I now find myself in a position where it would be nice to recover
some information.  I lost no hard drives (that I know of).

First; I have a Fiesty box where the OS is installed on an EIDE hard
drive.  It also has a SATA RAID 5 array. mdadm is managing the RAID 5
array.  I will be replacing this hard drive with a different one in
the near future.  I plan to do a clean install on the replacement HD
using Gutsy.  Is there anything that I should get off of this system
(the EIDE drive, or the array) before I pull the old drive?  Will I be
able to bring the raid array back up under a new install of Gutsy?

Second; and in fact more important.  One of the other systems to die
had a RAID 0 being managed by the MB (it was a Silicon Image
controller; SiI3112).  The MB died.  Can Ubuntu rebuild this array so
that I can look for any data I might want to keep?  I'd been backing
this system's data up to the RAID 5 array mentioned earlier, so I
don't believe there is anything I can't stand to loose.

Thank you for any information you can provide.


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