Dovecot versus Postfix

Jan Sneep jan at
Wed Nov 14 20:02:01 UTC 2007


    How come when you go to there isn't a SEARCH
    ? I have been there many, MANY, times and never found the page you
    by clicking on the links provided ... :O(

  Try this.  Go to Google, search for "postfix site:"
(without the quotes, of course).  Not as handy as a search feature on the
page, but still convenient.


  Thanks. Interesting that when using the above the first hit is in the
"Community Docs" tab, not the "7.04" tab. The "Community Docs" tab does have
a search field, but the "7.04" tab doesn't. I did find that Postfix document
a couple of days ago and it was the "Testing" section at the end that I used
to determine that my Postfix server was up and running as all the tests
passed. Haven't worked through the Postfix documentation under the "7.04"
tab yet, but at first glance it looks cleaner or simpler that the one in the
"Community Docs" tab.
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