Dovecot versus Postfix

Jan Sneep jan at
Wed Nov 14 19:11:39 UTC 2007


> Fortunately for Ubuntu users, it's well documented here:

How come when you go to there isn't a SEARCH field
? I have been there many, MANY, times and never found the page you suggest
by clicking on the links provided ... :O(

First question; It says "Replace with your mail server
hostname" Where can one look to find out what my mail server hostname is?
I'm assuming that it is "Ubuntu", or would that be "Ubuntu.localdomain"


> > Hmmm, I don't think I have other hosts.
> Hosts = computers.  Do you have any other computers in your
> home network?

Yes, of course, even my son's Wii is on the network ... :O)


> You don't need DHCP for internet access to work,, you just need to
> configure the default gateway and Domain name server as well as the
> static IP..   In your case, I think both (default router gateway and
> Domain Name server) should be set to and you should be ok.

There mst be some security feature of the, and I probably should ahve noted
this before, Linksys WIRELESS DSL rounter I'm using. It is the standard off
the store shelf box with 4 ports on the back to plug in Cat5 cables and the
WAN port to connect to the DSL modem. For some reason if the built-in DHCP
doesn't hand the device its IP address the gateway won't let you out on the
Internet, even if you assign an address 1 number away or 10 numbers away or
even 100 numbers away. If the DHCP didn't give you the address you ain't
going nowhere but on the local LAN. Probably some setting someplace that I
can turn off to change this behaviour. I've always assumed that this was
some security feature to prevent, or at least impede some rogue wireless
access pretending to be part of the LAN and chewing up my high speed

> Dovecot is the IMAP server.  You don't need to add any accounts to
> Dovecot itself.  In a simple, default configuration, it uses
> your unix
> user accounts.

Excellent, that makes things easy to administer.

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