Dovecot versus Postfix

Jan Sneep jan at
Wed Nov 14 17:57:04 UTC 2007


> If the reason for the sarcasm was not evident, I suggest you
> think about
> it a bit - how does that output help us to help you?

I will attempt to not state the obvious ...

Someone suggested that I run that command, and from that conversation they
were getting different output from their "man postfix" then I get when I run
the command, they are not running 7.10 and their output produced more useful
information. They suggested "apropos postfix" which I had hoped would have
given me a list of installed documents that would have been helpful to my
problem. It did not appear to me to be useful, but perhaps someone would
have said "See that third one up from the bottom, look in there for
something useful ... and you do that by typing ... in a terminal window ...
or click on such-and-such from the Gnome desktop and then select so-and-so"

One of the "cultural" feelings one gets from this list is that BEFORE you
ask a question to the list make sure you read what you can find yourself.
Perhaps that "etiquette" might also apply to reading previous posts if one
didn't understand why someone had posted something a bit confusing?

Sarcasm is a wonderful tool ... when used correctly.

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