calendar/alarm recommendation

niel bqz69 at
Wed Nov 14 16:43:43 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 14 November 2007 16.51.17 Adam Fabian wrote:
> If you click "options" in the main window, you can run a command when
> popping up a reminder, and / or give pipe the output to another
> command.  So you could use something like:
> mplayer -ao esd /home/blah/alarm.wav
> for the command.  I just tried that, and it worked fine.  I wonder if
> I could loop it and if the command would terminate when I dismissed
> the dialog....
> Anyway, good luck.

This does not work for me.

Tried to open "Options" and insertet "kate /home/user1/remind.text" (just a 
text file) - 1 reminders queued, but I still get no alarm, although the alarm 
seems to have worked, when I opened gtremind to check (0 reminders queued).

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