System Lockup

Zachary Sandberg zachary.sandberg at
Tue Nov 13 21:36:15 UTC 2007

John Baker wrote:
> Hi Zachary,
> I wrote for the same issue yesterday. A little more research online 
> revealed that this is a known issue with dual core chips and the 
> proprietary nvidia driver that gutsy has in the achieve. I think it has 
> something to do with a conflict in the SMP kernel switch causing kernel 
> locks.
> At any rate the fix I read about involved manually installing a 
> different driver from the Nvidia web site. This seemed to work for some 
> people. I found that the install failed for me and I have not had time 
> to sort it out yet. Let me know if it works for you.
> John


Just to clarify, (not sure if it makes any difference to the kernel) it 
is a dual cpu, not dual core system.  The only thing that makes me 
hesitant to believe it is video card related is the fact I have tried 
two ATI cards, with the Proprietary ATI drivers also.  I will admit 
however that it is MUCH more stable using the out of the box vesa driver 
than it is with either the ATI of NVidia driver.  In this regard I think 
you may be on to something :)

I really honestly want to rule out bad hardware, as I can seemingly run 
memtest, and other CPU/Mem/MoBo intensive tests forever without a hiccup.

Thanks for your time John

Zachary Sandberg

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