wine makes Ubuntu freeze

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at
Tue Nov 13 12:03:21 UTC 2007

Philippe wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-11-13 at 05:49 -0500, Rafael Barreto wrote:
>> I installed wine. When I try to configure it, Ubuntu freezes. Anybody
>> knows what is happening?
>> Thanks.
>> Rafael.
> Hi Rafael,
> Please read my thread, I have the same problem. My bypass for the moment
> is to create a new user, and wine was working with this new user.
> My Thread : Wine system crash on MY desktop Gusty
> I still don't know which file can create his problem.
> Philippe


there is no need to create a new user for this. Simply delete the
".wine/" direcory within your homefolder. Take care, this will remove
all your wine applications, settings, overrides..., as well. You end up
just as a new user would and get a brand new, freshly installed wine
directory, when you login next.

With a default wine installation, this is where the user specific
settings and applications are located.

Should you have altered or kind of "tuned" your wine installation, ex.
by installing IE via ies4linux, then there may be other directories with
wine configuration and application data scattered around that contain
wine "Setups" specific to that applcation. Imho ies4linux resides in
.ies4linux for example and afaik.

kind regards

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