Window manager restart?

Paul Kaplan pkaplan1 at
Mon Nov 12 23:53:11 UTC 2007

For kde it w/could be: kwin --replace.  For compiz it w/could be: 
compiz --replace.  For Gnome, I would imagine it w/could be: 
metacity --replace.  

CTRL+ALT+Backspace kills the X server and forces a restart using the display 
manager, which would basically get you back to the same place.

On Monday 12 November 2007 5:25:57 pm Bart Silverstrim wrote:
> If it looks as if my window manager has quit on me at login (no
> boarders, no buttons to minimize/etc, borderless applications first
> appear stuck to the edge of the display) how can I easily restart the
> window manager (the default one with 7.10, using the human theme?)
> -Bart

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