Dovecot versus Postfix

Jan Sneep jan at
Mon Nov 12 21:48:43 UTC 2007

Doesn't anyone know of a document that describes the default Ubuntu Postfix
and Dovecot setup?

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> Does anyone know of a document that describes the default
> Ubuntu Postfix and
> Dovecot setup?
> I'm assuming, (yes I know what a silly thing to do) that who
> ever setup the
> defaults for Postfix and Dovecot in the Ubuntu LAMP server
> installation disk
> knew what they were doing. All the "How To's" I've managed to
> find so far
> assume that one is setting up the servers from scratch. The
> testing sections
> I've read and run the tests show that both servers are up and
> running. I'm
> somewhat loth to just go about randomly changing config settings in an
> attempt to figure out how things work, when far greater minds
> than I setup
> the servers in specific ways for, again assuming, very specifc "best
> practice" reasons.
> Is there a document that describes how things were setup?
> and; (perhaps most importantly)
> Is there any document on how to use the servers?
>  i.e. how to configure an email client to point to the
> servers. I've tried
> to setup the Evolution client that is on the server. It has a
> nice graphical
> "setup" that starts automatically and I put in "jan at Ubuntu"
> for my email
> address, click forward, then on the Sever Type screen I select "Local
> Deliver" in the "Path" field you can see it starts out as
> just a plain "jan"
> and then after a second or two it changes to a "jan" with a
> Home folder icon
> in front of it. So here I go assuming again, that the program searched
> something / someplace and found my Home folder which it liked
> for the path
> to my mailbox? Problem is the "Forward" button stays grey so I can't
> complete the setup.
> I don't really want to setup Evolution as I don't plan on
> checking my email
> from the server, but thought if I could get that working as a
> first step,
> then I could move on to figuring out how to get mail from the
> LAN to work.
> I've installed Webmin and both Dovecot and PostFix screens
> present without
> any error messages, which I'm also taking as a sign that the
> servers are
> working, so I can see more options than I'm sure I should be
> playing with.
> :O)
> Jan
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