windows-ubuntu network

Owen Townend bowbowbow at
Mon Nov 12 13:35:10 UTC 2007

On Mon, 2007-11-12 at 12:34 +0000, John Toliver wrote:
> I just installed 7.04, then upgraded to 7.10.  I managed to get both
> systems to talk to my windows box by doing the "connect to server"
> >windows share> instead of calling my computer by the netbios name I
> called it via IP> username don't bother with password as it will ask
> you the first time you connect>enter in the domain, workgrouo name. 
> Once I did this I could connect and see my shares on my XP box.  You
> can go to the CLI and I'm not discouraging it, but this isn't that
> complicated.  Now if someone can tell my why I can't use netbios names
> for calling my machines that would be wonderful. 

  Should be a simple fix. Try this page:

  Basically: add 'wins' to the /etc/nsswitch.conf file in the line
beginning with 'hosts:' The order they're written is the order they're
checked. Easy fix, add it to the end.
  The other option is to get your dhcp server to also serve dns. Whether
full bind or just dnsmasq, they can both get info from the dhcp server.


> On Nov 11, 2007 3:40 PM, Rafael Barreto <rafaelbarreto at>
> wrote:
>         I solved the problem of transferring files back and forth
>         between Ubuntu and Windows network. Owen suggested write"sudo
>         smbpaswd -a <username>", then write new password in the
>         console. I wrote the system user name and system password. It
>         looks like username and password for Samba must match
>         the user's username and password for Ubuntu's system..
>         Your are doing a terrific job with the mailing list...
>         Thank you.
>         Rafael.


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