Desktop effect on all computers! A call for G3D support of Compiz Fusion

debian debiani386 at
Sat Nov 10 22:10:11 UTC 2007

On Tue, 2007-11-06 at 10:49 +0800, Shu Hung (Koala) wrote:
> On 11/6/07, Vincent Trouilliez <vincent.trouilliez at>
> wrote:
>         > Right now, the entire Compiz Fusion is built on OpenGL
>         > Since OpenGL works on limited hardware, we cannot have
>         desktop effect on majority
>         > ofmachines out there.
>         > However, another 3D library, the G3D cpp library, 
>         > works even if you don't have a 3D acceleration card. I think
>         its a good idea
>         > to provide G3D support when
>         > OpenGL hardware is not present. It may provide less desktop
>         effect than
>         > OpenGL
>         Hi,
>         I ma not sure I understand everything, it's confusing.
>         You say that OpenGl provides desktop effects, which it
>         doens't, as it's
>         "just" a graphics library, as I undestand it.
>         Also, OpenGL doesn't require any 3D H/W to operate, as far as
>         I know. 
>         If you have a 3D graphics card that can accelerate the
>         rendering then
>         great, but if not, well it will just use software emulation
>         and that's
>         it, just like this G3D thing probably does.
>         Whatever this G3D stuff is, I do'nt see any (good, or any
>         really) reason 
>         to use it over OpenGL, which widely used and mature and tested
>         and
>         and and and...
>         --
>         Vince
> Fact: seems Compiz Fusion only support computers with OpenGL supported
> graphic card and linux driver.
> I have an old Sony notebook that have no OpenGL graphic card at all.
> Thus, it does not have any desktop effect with Ubuntu. I tried U
> buntu on some older machines, too. Compiz Fusion doesn't work at all.
> At the same age of those computers, Mac OS on PowerPC G4 was already
> providing some good desktop effect far better than Windows XP. And
> even PowerPC G3 does a good job on this. I wondered why. And I wonder
> linux cound do the same as Mac does. 
> Right now, desktop effect is provided by Compiz Fusion, which built on
> OpenGL library. So, in other word, OpenGL does provide desktop effect.
> Maybe OpenGL could do software emulation, but (1) seems it is very
> slow and (2) Compiz Fusion doesn't support that. That makes our
> desktop effect only support computers with OpenGL supported graphic
> card and linux driver. 
> G3D is a mature library, too. It is not as good for industrial 3D
> movie rendering. But we don't need that, do we? We know that OpenGL
> software emulation is a lot slower than DirectX's direct 3d. And I
> know that G3D can do software emulation as good as DirectX does. I
> have no doubt that G3D could do a better job than OpenGL on older PCs.
> So I think: if Compiz Fusion can use G3D to render effect on older
> PCs, we can have better desktop effect on older PCs, too. 
> Koala Yeung
> P.S. You may want to see their website first:

well you would run slower then open gl on cards that dont suport opengl
(which would have to be very old cards...all of my old cards which are 2
to 4 years old handle opengl just fine...note that there all 64 and 128
meg cards)


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