windows manager Fluxbox : toolbar only, no applications

Peter Garrett peter.garrett at
Fri Nov 9 23:16:40 UTC 2007

On Fri, 9 Nov 2007 22:34:38 +0100
Bruno Costacurta <pubmb.bco at> wrote:

> I installed Fluxbox but once started I have no access at any applications.
> I think under Fluxbox they should be accessed via right-click but really 
> nothing happens. Indeed I only have a useless Toolbar.

It sounds as if the menu is not populated for some reason. You don't
mention whether you used  an Ubuntu package or compiled your own. If you
compile fluxbox it installs a utility called as


but if I remember correctly, this is not part of the Ubuntu version. I use
a self-compiled version here.

One way around this, if you used the Ubuntu version, is to install the
Debian "menu" - you can do this with for example

sudo apt-get install menu

You then run 

sudo update-menus

Alternatively, you can create your own menu by editing the file

/usr/share/fluxbox/menu  ( if you compiled it, that would normally
be /usr/local/share/fluxbox/menu ) I don't know if this file exists in the
Ubuntu packaged version, though.

If you prefer, you can place your personal copy of this file in
~/.fluxbox/usermenu  and point your fluxbox startup scripts at that file.

There are very good docs on      in various formats. See

By the way, I notice on checking the site that Fluxbox has reached 1.0.0 !
I am about to download the source and roll my own again...


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