Serious boot problem and no splash screen on new laptop

Nils Kassube kassube at
Fri Nov 9 21:11:51 UTC 2007

Carsten Agger wrote:
> I just installed Gutsy on a new MSI S271 laptop with and AMD Sempron
> 3400+ processor.
> Afted the Grub screen, the screen goes dark/blank and nothing happens.
> Getting impatient, I press CTRL+Alt+F1 to leave the graphic mode and
> see whatever output there may be - i says something about "kinitd", and
> now the text-based boot process seems to begin, detecting and setting
> up all hardware etc.
> And from this point, the machine boots normally into Gnome, and
> everything works fine (everything except hibernation which is due to a
> known bug in the fgrlx ATI driver which I need to play Urban Terror).
> So, everything works fine except I get no splash screen and the boot
> process doesn't start till I press CTRL+Alt+F1.

Well, I don't know the reason for your trouble, but maybe you could 
replace the "quiet splash" boot option with "vga=normal".


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