FQDN Misery Re: To: Postfix, Mutt And No Root Mail? & amavisd-new Install

Leonard Chatagnier lenc5570 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Nov 9 18:01:51 UTC 2007

--- Derek Broughton <news at pointerstop.ca> wrote:

> Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> > I assume from your comments that what I have now
> > although not legitimate outside my network is ok
> for
> > local delivery inside my network(root mail
> primarily)
> Should be...

> > and should work for postfix, mutt and amavisd-new.
>  Am
> > I correct so far? I'm really a network dummy as
> said
> > before and want to be sure I have it right before
> > making more changes. Also David, in post prior to
> > yours, indicated that localdomain should be
> sufficient
> > in most cases.  He wasn't specific where to add
> it.
> > Your thought on what he said?
> It _could_ be...  
> Really though, you're trying to do way too much. 
> amavis is (besides
> completely unnecessary, imo) an unnecessary
> complication.
Ok. I conceed your point. It's broken and just siting
there because of not having /etc/mailname on my
computer. I'm not doing anything with it and most
likely will uninstall it eventually. Consider it a
study(long term) in why I don't have /etc/mail.

> > need. I just want root mail and mail from the
> > system/network sent to root to be sent to me as
> I'm
> > root and sole operator. 
> Well, that's not what you're asking for.  When you
> told us you had a problem
> with "root mail", I told you that was a matter of
> telling postfix what
> domains were to be considered local.
My default main.cf had all the localhost,
localhost.local demain stuff in it. It still didn't
work. It also had the entry: #myorigin = /etc/mailname
commented out(with no /etc/mailname) which caused the
avasmisd-new install issue. They are two separate
issues but still mail related. I thought fixing one
might help the other. AFA telling postfix what domains
are local, I've never used postfix before Ubuntu and
always used exim4 on Debian for mutt and root mail and
never had to manually configure it. The deb install
procedure asked simple questions related to internal
mail which I had to reconfigure a few times to get
right. I don't have the knowledge/expertize to
manually configure postfix but will get it done with
list help. If you or someone else had given some
explicit examples on just what to do with main.cf I
could have a soln by now.  Everyone seemed to say
something different which is confusing, but thats ok.
It makes me think and learn. I definitely agree with
you that telling postfix what to do is the soln but
the fqdn thing came out of the replies and the
googling I did(all on server setups as mentioned, not
desktop work stations) and it now appears I don't need
it causing some wasted efforts but learned something.
Realize that solving(really seting up) had nothing to
do with main.cf and I haven't even got back to main.cf
yet. Hope this answers your question.

>Now you're
> dealing with a completely
> different problem of not being able to start amavis.
>  Since it stopped
> arguing about the FQDN, I'd guess you've got that
> fixed, and are onto yet
> another problem.
Don't exactly agree here. The prob is still postfix,
mutt and root mail. I'm not sure FQDN is
correct(reallly not) but I don't intend to buy
one(DDNS) just to use the linux network mail system or
however you refer to it. I have web mail which doesn't
rely on postfix. Internal root mail is the issue.

> > Your comments and assistance is most appreciated. 
> As
> > mentioned to David, Feisty, IMHO, should have set
> up
> > these mail programs better. A linux novice just
> can't
> > do it without lots of help.  
> Ubuntu specifically leaves them out because they
> don't believe you need
> them.  I happen to think they're probably right.
Definately don't agree here. Ubuntu provides postfix
by default(IMHO, the wrong default. I did have root
mail with exim4 under Debian and no I'm not going back
to Debian). Ubuntu also stands for ease of use and
setup; not quite so in this case ITHOO no longer a
newbie but still a novice.

Leonard Chatagnier
lenc5570 at sbcglobal.net

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