Cannot Share Folders

Martin Schumacher Martin.Schumacher at
Thu Nov 8 23:30:48 UTC 2007

Dear All,


I am COMPLETELY new to Ubuntu, (though I am very familiar with Solaris

My problem with Ubuntu is that I cannot share out folders.


When running the shares-admin GUI the following appears (see attached

I don't have an internet connection for this machine yet, so any "help"
will need to suggest *.deb packages I can download to my USB to take
home to this isolated Ubuntu PC.


I have installed Ubuntu desktop, (version 7.10) (and even installed all
the Ubuntu Server 7.10 packages, as prompted when inserting the Ubuntu
Server 7.10 boot CD.)

Attached is a list of the installed packages, ( output from the dpkg -l


My first "try" to fix this was to download
smbfs_3.0.26a-1ubuntu2_i386.deb  which installed properly, but I still
cannot "share" the folders.


My aim is to set up a small network of PC running Ubuntu, with a
"server" to share out "teacher" files for students, and a cluster of
"student" PC's to mount to this shared directory.


By the way, these PC's (possibly 50) are being sent to a High School and
Primary school in PNG.

They will be connected using a HP hub.  The main server will be the only
one with a modem, and internet connection.

Many thanks, and regards,

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