How to remove a badly broken package

yueyu lin popeyelin at
Fri Nov 9 01:59:29 UTC 2007

Hi, I have a badly broken package, suppose its name is "bad-package". It
even fails to install because the wrong path and access rights for
post-install script.
But the apt-get system show it's already in the repository.
The problem is that I can't even remove it.
I tried multiple methods
apt-get remove --ignore-missing bad-package
apt-get remove --ignore-hold bad-package
I even try apt-get -f install bad-package to try to fix the installation,
but they don't work.
So everytime, the apt-get system will try to configure the package that will
never be configured(without a lot of the post-install scripts...). Now I
even deleted all installed file manually but it still appears in the apt-get
system and configure and configure every time to install or remove any other

Can someone tell me how to remove the records in the apt-get system? thanks
in advance

Yueyu Lin
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