SLOW boot and LONG wait when logging out to switch users.

damian misc at
Fri Nov 9 01:34:00 UTC 2007

NoOp wrote:
> On 11/05/2007 03:02 PM, damian wrote:
>> NoOp wrote:
>>> Could it be that this started after you installed or deleted thunderbird?
>> Maybe!
>> I installed Thunderbird 2 from Ubuntuzilla (or whatever the group is 
>> called) before the upgrade to 7.10
>> After 7.10, all my thunderbird settings seemed to be gone, and I think 
>> what had happened was that there were t versions of thunderbird 2 
>> installed. One called something like Thunderbird2 and one something like 
>> Mozilla-Thunderbird2 (I don't remember exactly, but I know they were 
>> different). My old settings and emeils were in the version that wasn't 
>> loading up, so I deleted one and used the other.
>> Don't remember what I did exactly to be honest, but I did get my old 
>> emails and settings working and Thunderbird seems to be ok now. Any 
>> ideas what I should do from here?
>> Damian
> My guess would to be (in order):
> 1. Backup your Thunderbird files (.thunderbird and any /opt/thunderbird)
> to someplace safe and then remove/purge all instances of Thunderbird.
> Then reinstall Thunderbird from the repos via Synaptics & reboot to see
> if that made a difference.
> That is probably not your only problem, but cleaning that up will
> certainly help.
> 2. If the reboot (cold boot is better) still is slow then I'd try:
> backup & save copies of your .gnome* and .gconf* folders to someplace
> safe and then rename those folders to x-.gnome-x etc and reboot. You
> will get a clean desktop and will need to reinstall any specific
> settings/menus that you had customized, but anything in your profile
> that may have been causing the problem will be removed and the .gnome*
> and .gconf* will be rebuilt clean on reboot. If you have a problem after
> reboot then you can always remove the x-*-x from the folders and restore
> them.
> Note: someone else jump in here please if you can assist or find any
> problem with the above.
I removed Thunderbird, using both the uninstall section of Ubuntuzilla 
and Synaptic package manager, a couple of days ago. That didn't seem to 
improve things.

I've just gotten around to slowly logging into each user and renaming 
all .gnome* and .gconf* to x.gnome* and x.gconf*, but I'm still in the 
same position. Shut down and power back on, but no improvements.

Any other ideas?
I don't see how it can be a user setting/problem as the long delay is 
before any user logs in. It's as the system is trying to bring up that 
log in screen. Something is taking a long long time behind that spinning 
cursor gui.


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