Using ç on Ubuntu 7.10

Felipe Figueiredo philsf79 at
Thu Nov 8 20:14:52 UTC 2007

Fala Lisandro,

A Thursday 08 November 2007 16:49:43, Lisandro Weissheimer escreveu:
> Hi all!

> Now on Ubutnu 7.10 I cant type ç. If I press ' and after c I get c' and
> not ç.

 This happens because some bash env variable is incorrectly set (I don't 
recall which), and it influences the behaviour in many gtk/glib applications, 
including OO and firefox, but not KDE's apps. I remember fixing this manually 
when I used slackware.

This bug bugs me since at least Edgy, maybe even Dapper, but the workaround is 
so simple I never bothered to see if there's a bug report. You are using the 
desktop in english, right? If you use it in portuguese, the problem should 
disappear, as all locale information is set to the international values. I 
remember fixing it in slackware

If you'd like to dig into what exactly to change to have the cedilla in 
english, google is your friend.


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