Thread hijack (was: Re: Dovecot versus Postfix)

NoOp glgxg at
Wed Nov 7 21:14:09 UTC 2007

On 11/07/2007 12:59 PM, Jan Sneep wrote:
>> I forget how Outlook supports this, but do you have multiple e-mail
>> identities?  The list server only accepts messages that come
>> "From:" a
>> subscribed member.  Maybe when you reply to a message, Outlook
>> automatically chooses the identity to which the message was sent, but
>> when you start a new message, your from id defaults to something else.
> I do have another ID that I use for a Raw Frozen Dog Food business that we
> run, but I have to go into Tools -> Services -> Delivery tab and select it
> to make the change. I wish Outlook would automatically reply using the email
> address that the original message was sent to, that would make my life a lot
> easier. I'm always replying to Dog Food folks with my regular business
> because I forget to first change it. My default email is the one I
> subscribed to the list with and the one I use 98% of the time.
> It is the sync'ing of the calendar info that I'm worried about. But I'm
> hoping that if I can tap into the full potential of the eGroupware
> application we can share calendar info that way and eliminate Outlook from
> our lives ... :O) ... assuming of course that I can convince my wife to
> change to another email client ... but THAT is another story! :O)

Have you tried Evolution? Or Thunderbird w/Lightning

I've not tried eGroupware, but:
eGroupWare is platform independent. The server runs on Linux, Mac,
Windows and many more other operating systems. On the client side, all
you need is a internetbrowser such as Firefox, Konqueror, Internet
Explorer and many more.

Regardless of that, if you are going to post to the list, please fire up
Thunderbird or something else until you fix the thread hijacking problem
with Outlook. If you prefer, you can even post & read the list via the
gname news server (news://

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