Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy as virtual machine guest on os x on intel

Jason Joines joines at okstate.edu
Wed Nov 7 18:53:52 UTC 2007

    Well, I've pretty much given up on getting Linux to run natively on 
an intel apple xserve.  It seems apple made sure the firmware on the 
xserve ( unlike on their other intel products ) won't allow th BIOS 
emulation needed to boot another OS.

    Now on to running Linux as a virtual guest.  VMWare Fusion ( 
http://www.vmware.com/products/fusion ) just came out.  There's also 
VirtualBox ( http://www.virtualbox.org ), the Q port ( 
http://www.kju-app.org/kju ) of QEMU, and Bochs ( 
http://bochs.sourceforge.net ).
    Anyone have any experience running Linux in these under os x?  Any 
other options?  I've used Bochs and QEMU and VMWare Server to run 
windows guests on Linux hosts in the past and found both Bochs and QEMU 
to be really slow.  Right now I plan to test the demo of VMWare Fusion 
and VirtualBox.  I hope VirtualBox performs as well as VMWare Fusion as 
there is a GPL version of it.

Jason Joines

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