Unerase Files

Jan Sneep jan at azureservices.ca
Wed Nov 7 17:11:14 UTC 2007

> Do you have "Shown Hidden Files" selected under "View" for Nautilus?

I didn't, so I changed it and ran a 'Search' for ".Trash" and went to have
lunch. Came back and the search was still grinding away and hadn't found
anything. So I opened another window, did a "sudo su" and then "nautilus",
because I find that if I run Nautilus from the desktop menu it has no
'teeth' and other than look at stuff you can't actually do anything. So I
turn on the "Show Hidden Files" and navigate to the root folder and voila
the .Trash folder is there and YES my lost folder is there and intact with
all its files and I was able to copy & paste it back to where it is supposed
to be and YES my application is working once again !!!! Yeah !!!

Many thanks to all for all the suggestions ... now onto the next item on my
todo list ... what's the difference between Postfix and Dovecot ... but I'll
start another thread for that question ... :O)


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