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Pete Clapham w.clapham at csuohio.edu
Wed Nov 7 16:29:28 UTC 2007

Doesn't /have/ to be, but you can't look at files until you have access 
to them and to the directories in which they reside.  For your own 
files, there's no problem.  For root's files or for those of other 
users, you'll get this message.  I believe that Trash belongs to root.  
So yes, you need to use sudo (or change to superuser by typing *su* and 
inserting the root password, which I personally prefer) in order to see 


norman wrote:
>> Command ran, took some time, but as far as I can tell didn't produce any
>> results?
>> root at ubuntu:/home/jan# find / -name ?.trash?
>> root at ubuntu:/home/jan#
> I tried it just for fun and got a great long list of permission denied.
> Thus, I presume the command line must be preceded by sudo.
> Norman

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