Choosing a distribution

Chris G cl at
Wed Nov 7 16:04:56 UTC 2007

On Wed, Nov 07, 2007 at 03:00:08PM +0000, Paul Tansom wrote:
> It is a while since I worked in a large enough organisation to worry
> about multiple administrators though, and back then it was a mix of
> OS/2, NT4 and AIX!
That's what often makes these discussions rather confusing, or at
least why X can't understand Y.

The root/security issues for a single user home system are very
different from the issues on a multi-user system.  For example I
recently wanted to use Samba to make some files on my Fedora system
available to my XP system (it's actually a Vmware guest on the same
box but makes no difference).  It makes no sense at all to have any
sort of password/user security on the files at all.  As long as the
system is physically secure and the firewall is effective isolating
one part of the system from another is pointless.

On the other hand sharing files using Samba in a large office or
similar is a totally different ball game.

Chris Green

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