Unerase Files

Jan Sneep jan at azureservices.ca
Wed Nov 7 14:57:04 UTC 2007

> You might want to check the .Trash folder (in your home directory, or
> if it was on a specific partition (eg: external usb hdd)). I have
> noticed that sometimes the files are moved to .Trash but the Trash can
> stays empty.
> - Jensen

Sadly no ... I couldn't find a ".Trash" folder in my Home folder, also when
I did a search for "trash" it didn't find any folders with that in the name,
lots of files, icons, gifs, etc, but no folders.

I then tried to "Move to Trash" a folder in my Home folder that I no longer
need and it also didn't show up in the Trash.

There is a "Lost & Found" folder, but Nautilus won't display the contents.


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