usb to serial bridge driver

ed miller07 at
Wed Nov 7 02:57:58 UTC 2007

I am attempting to setup my insulin pump with vmware server on Gutsy. 
The server is running windoze xp pro. I have set up the software that 
reads the data thru the dongle. I have attempted to install the windoze 
dongle driver in xp but xp will not recognize the dongle which is 
attached to a usb to serial bridge. Ubuntu lists the serial port in the 
hardware manager. My thinking was that if Gutsy could see the device 
then vmware would also see it and pass it to the windoze guest but this 
is not the case. I have looked at VMware forums but could not find any 
information. Is there something that I need to install in Gutsy such as 
a irda driver or some such other? Any help would be appreciated.


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