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** Felix Miata <mrmazda at> [2007-11-06 14:41]:
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Yoiks, is Team OS/2 still going? I have OS/2 to thank for actually
persuading me to purchase a PC at all. I looked at PCs with DOS/Windows
and didn't consider them worth purchasing for doing any real work. I'd
say they were nothing but a toy, but they weren't any fun either! I was
used to an Amiga, and it was only OS/2 that made the x86 hardware
usable. My first PC was an IBM L40 laptop, and it was back in the early
90s that I spotted an internal IBM forum on getting Linux running on the
L40. Sadly it took me a while before I could get a copy of Linux and try
it, but that sparked my interest :) I've only got copies of OS/2 from
2.0 through to Warp 3.0 unfortunately. I do have the OS/2 Warp 4 Merlin
beta, but not a full copy. If it wasn't so expensive I'd get a copy of
eComstation, but just for personal interest and old times sake it isn't
worth the money. Still keeping my eye on eBay for a copy of Warp 4

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