Choosing a distribution

Chris Jones jonesc at
Tue Nov 6 09:37:58 UTC 2007

> Mostly the 'continuous updates' philosophy, if you do 'yum update all'
> at intervals (or accept the updates that automatic updating gives
> you) then, among other things, the kernal will get changed quite
> frequently and that forces a recompile of the Nvidia drivers and
> Vmware - which doesn't always work .... so sometimes hassle.

Just to be fair to the nvidia driver, you don't have to keep recompiling 
the module unless you want to, their are several third party repos 
(livna, atrpms etc.) that provide the nivdia driver re-packaged as rpms, 
for each fedora kernel. Occasionally these rpms will lag a bit behind 
new kernels, but then athere are yum plugins that will force yum to hold 
back new kernels until all these are available.

I do agree with you on the continuous updates and vmware side though, 
that is annoying.

Also, one other big annoyance with fedora, that I didn't realise until I 
tried ubuntu was how damn slow yum is compared to apt ... Updating is 
much slicker and quicker on ubuntu than fedora.


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