[gutsy] recommendation for pcmcia wireless on T21

ML ml at seven.sys.com.mx
Tue Nov 6 04:42:25 UTC 2007

> Anyone have a recommendation for an inexpensive PCMCIA wireless card
> that works out of the box with Gutsy on a IBM T21 Thinkpad?
> My son is a few hundred miles away & uses a Linksys WUSB11-B ver 2.8 on
> the Feisty desktop (Sony Vaio) that I gave him. Works like a charm, no
> added drivers, just plugged it in and it works. Recently on his way home
> from the Southern California fires (he's a firefighter) he stopped by
> and I gave him a T21 that I'd upgraded from Feisty to Gutsy and had
> working perfectly with a direct ethernet connection on the T21 ethernet
> port - however I'd not tested with wireless. When he got home he tried
> the WUSB11 on the T21; the device lites up and is recognized in lsusb,
> but no network. The usb port is good; wireless mouse works instantly
> when plugged in to the usb.
> I'm in the process of having him download the Gutsy .iso and will have
> him do a complete reinstall in the next few days as I can't figure out
> the problem remotely. I'd rather not do that (have him reinstall) but
> that seems to be the only option at this point. In the meantime I'm
> thinking of just getting him a PCMCIA wireless card that he can use
> instead. I'm hesitant to do this unless I know of one that will just
> plug in and go w/Gutsy on the T21. Any suggestions?
> Gary
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I use a linksys  WPC54G pcmcia  on my T23

Just plug .. go to restricted drivers manager  and enable  and download
the firmware all automagically ..


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