Cheap laser printers and Ubuntu

Albert Charron albert at
Tue Nov 6 03:18:47 UTC 2007

Caleb Marcus wrote:
> I've been looking into a new printer, and Albert Charron's message 
> about printers made me think that maybe I should ask the list about 
> recommendations :)
> I'm looking for a cheap (less than $150) laser printer that'll work 
> well with Ubuntu... I've narrowed it down to the Brother HL-2040 and 
> the HP LaserJet 1018. However, the HL-2040 seems to have 
> non-Linux-related problems of its own. I was wondering if anyone who 
> reads this list can tell me anything about these printers, and their 
> experience using them with Ubuntu. If there's a printer that anyone 
> thinks I should check out, tell me about that too, I'm open to 
> recommendations. 
Honestly, I've never looked at the Brother printers, and the only 
experience I have with HP printers are from work (mostly a windows 
environment), so I can't do any recommendations there.

My printer at home is a Samsung ML-1740 laser printer that cost me 129$ 
two years ago.  This printer isn't marketed anymore, but I have friends 
who own other Samsung printers (ml-2010, and their replacement), all 
working fine under Linux.

For the ML-1740, on my Dapper server, I download the ppd file from and installed it in cups. I know Samsung is providing 
a proprietary driver for their printers, but never managed to get it 
work under Ubuntu. Works great under other distros (tried it under 
Mandriva and Fedora). With Feisty and Gutsy, the printer is supported 
directly, no ppd or driver to install (at least, for my 1740)... I don't 
print a lot, but those are doing the job just right... (b/w printing 
only tho...)

For Samsung printers, you can look there: to see linux 
compatibility, download ppd files and installation instructions (if not 
already supported directly by Ubuntu)...

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