Install Gutsy on Entire HD

Derek Broughton news at
Tue Nov 6 00:15:41 UTC 2007

Pete Clapham wrote:

> As I look at the df, I notice that the root directory is on sda7.
> Usually it's on sda1.  This might be a problem, since sda1 is the MBR, I
> believe.  

No, the MBR is on sda (ie, not on any partition at all).  In fact, it's
probably not even reasonable to say "usually" the root is on /dev/sda1 - on
any Windows dual-boot system, Windows is likely to be on sda1 and Linux on
some other partition.

> At this point, it won't hurt to reinstall it.  Try putting / 
> on sda1 and /home on sda7.  These are the usual unix conventions.

No, they're not, and it's completely pointless.  I wonder if a majority of
Linux systems even have an sda7?  It doesn't matter one iota which
partitions you use for /, /home, swap, or anything else.

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