ethernet connection

NoOp glgxg at
Mon Nov 5 22:49:18 UTC 2007

On 11/05/2007 12:51 PM, Derek Broughton wrote:
> Jan Torben Heuer wrote:
>> Dorita Rostkier-Edelstein wrote:
>>> I want to connect through an ethernet connection. The internet provider
>>> told me it is DHCP and gave me two DNS servers addresses.
>> If your primary ethernet card is eth0 do:
>> 1. edit your /etc/network/interfaces
>> it should contain:
>> auto eth0
>> iface eth0 inet dhcp
> Actually, it shouldn't.  If there's no entry at all for eth0,
> network-manager should start it up

I can confirm (I think). I recently did a test install from the Gutsy
DVD & purposely did the install without any networking connection.
During the install I also didn't manually set a static IP. Booted up the
system still without the internet connection, ran it for quite some time
that way, and eventually plugged the ethernet connection in. Network
Manager (to my surprize) fired right up, did it's cute rotating icon
thing, and fetched a DHCP.

Note: the test laptop doesn't even have an ethernet nic or port, so
there was no eth0 it could have found during the install. I connected
via a USB port using a $9 AirLink 101 USB ethernet adaptor. :-)

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