Openoffice a frustration on Gutsy

NoOp glgxg at
Mon Nov 5 22:41:14 UTC 2007

On 11/05/2007 02:02 PM, Johann Spies wrote:
> My wife does not love computers. She is a science teacher that uses
> her computer to draw up notes, exam papers etc. Her most important
> programs are Openoffice, an email client and a web browser.  To her it
> is just a tool to get the job done.
> Her computer with Dapper on was stolen a few weeks ago (IBM Thinkpad
> R31).  I installed Gutsy on her new Lenovo R60e.
> Today was her first experience of using Openoffice on Gutsy and she
> ended the day in frustration.  Two problems (that I could not repeat
> on my Debian Lenny computer with the same OO version) was that when
> she used the shortcut for subscripts or superscripts (used a lot in
> Chemistry papers) she could not get back to normal characters using
> the same shortcut (Ctl_Shift_B - e.g. for subscripts) to toggle the
> subscripts off.  The same happened when she use bold while typing.
> There was no simple way to get out of bold. In both cases the toggle
> function did not seem to work.
> I have seen that the subscript-thing was a bug but it was reported as
> solved.  I did upgrade openoffice to one of a few days ago from Ubuntu
> repositories. 
> It is just not acceptable that a product that should be ready for
> production produces so much frustration.
> Fortunately Evolution so far worked without serious problems.  On
> Dapper it was so buggy that I replaced it by Thunderbird which is also
> not the best email client I have seen. (Unfortunately my wife would
> not use mutt :)
> If there is no quick solution to this problem I am afraid I am going
> to say goodby to Ubuntu.  For my own desktop I have already moved back
> to Debian some time ago.
> Regards
> Johann

Do as you wish, but I'd recommend that you ask if other users are
experiencing the same problem before getting too excited.

I just tried Ctl_Shift_B in Gutsy (U)OOo 2.3 and it works just fine
(both on and off).

Now, perhaps if you come back & rephrase others may be willing to help

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