Desktop effect on all computers! A call for G3D support of Compiz Fusion

Shu Hung (Koala) koalay at
Mon Nov 5 17:49:16 UTC 2007

Right now, the entire Compiz Fusion is built on
Since OpenGL<>only
works on limited hardware, we cannot have desktop effect on majority
machines out there.

However, another 3D library, the G3D cpp
works even if you don't have a 3D acceleration card. I think its a good idea
to provide G3D <> support when
hardware is not present. It may provide less desktop effect than
but at least it con provide some to most computer. Plus one can think less
about hardware compatibility when buying a machine for Ubuntu.

Right now, Windows Vista desktop effect only works on limited hardware. One
can't really enjoy it on older PCs. On the other hand, Mac OS can provide
good desktop effect even for older Mac machine (like PowerPC G3). I believe
Ubuntu, like Mac OS, can provide beautiful and productive desktop effects to
older PCs. And by doing that, Ubuntu can gain the user base from Windows XP
users. What's better if you can get a better desktop without upgrading
hardware and paying "the Windows tax"?

This is the best way I can think of to fix Bug
all Linux distributions. Do you agree?

I posted a post on Compiz-Fusion
ago. It doesn't seems to gain attention from developers or users. If
you guys agree with me, please say something there. Or you may tell the
developers of Compiz Fusion by any means.

Koala Yeung
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