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Mon Nov 5 15:54:27 UTC 2007

On Mon, Nov 05, 2007 at 07:39:35AM -0500, Ken Campbell wrote:
> Hi, I am looking to put together ltsp...I read that it is inherent in gutsy.
> I have installed 7.10 and have trouble locating. Any documentation out
> there?

I installed Edubuntu Gutsy 7.10 and on an i386 machine and it just
worked with i386 clients.  I did the installation (two NICs on the
server) and booted a client using PXE and it started right up.

But, I had problems with other i386 clients and with other platforms.
Audio has problems -- some audio works but flash audio does not.
Flash videos just stop playing after a few seconds.

I have a mixed environment (iMac clients) and have yet had no success
in getting these running.  The powerpc CD would not boot on anything
but a recent powerpc iBook.  Still, after installing the thin client
chroot for powerpc I have not been able to get the iMacs to remote

I see a lot of references to successful installations in schools and
organizations, so I'm hopeful that most issues can be resolved.

It's just been very frustrating trying to get support and the
documentation is a bit scattered and confusing to which version of
LTSP it applies.  I'm hoping to help with this, but I'm having a hard
time making progress with the lack of support.  I've asked a lot of
questions on both the Edubuntu and ltsp lists that have not been

Still, a lot of good work has gone into this project and I can tell
it's getting very close to being usable.

Bill Moseley
moseley at

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