no swap makes system slower - why?

Owen Townend bowbowbow at
Mon Nov 5 00:25:54 UTC 2007

On Sun, 2007-11-04 at 08:08 -0200, Felipe Figueiredo wrote:

> Then I discorved why: swap partition was off, as well as my /boot (I use LVM 
> here). Grub was reading the partition as it should, and I could access it 
> with a bootcd, which told me I didn't have a corrupt filesystem (i fsck'ed, 
> nevertheless).
> regards
> FF

  Just a thought, but if you're using LVM for root, swap and boot then
the device names/numbers (/dev/sda1 etc) are not the right arguments
here. They would be something similar to /dev/mapper/rootvg-swaplv
or /dev/rootvg/swaplv.

  Are you using LVM for more than /boot?


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